Behavioral Health Care

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Our Mental Health services are based on the individual's needs, strengths and desires.

Services standard are based on professional and evidence based practices.

We value diversity and treat all people with fairness, respect and compassion.


I Innovations, Inc.'s Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) program is designed to assist adults with mental illness to build skills to live independently. The PSR program will encourage participants to involve themselves in the community by volunteering, participation at community/social events, and vocational activities. 

Residential Supports 

Residential supports provides individualized services and supports to enable a person to live successfully in a Group Home or Alternative Family Living setting of their choice and be an active participant in his/her community. Mental Health services include Group Living Moderate or High (IPRS State Funded).

                                            Outpatient Counseling

Outpatient counseling uses treatment and intervention to increase the strengths and resources of each individual served. Outpatient counseling serves individuals with mental health and co-occurring disorders. The program empowers individuals to build skills needed to begin the recovery process. Evidence-based practices are emphasized. Services are recovery focused and based on person-centered planning and client-directed outcomes.

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